INTERNATIONAL STANDARD BUREAU LTD (ISB) is a British company that was incorporated in year 2009. It focuses on the process of applying standardization in management, information and other systems, their auditing and certification. It uses the procedures and know-how of the American Standard Institution in relation to internationally recognized and valid standards.

Standardization is the process of selecting, unifying and stabilizing the various variants of processes, inputs and their combinations, as well as outputs, activities and information in the company’s management process or its sub-parts.

Standards are then documented in conventions containing specifications or specified criteria consistently used as rules, directives, as a definition of characteristic features ensuring that products, processes or services have the required properties.

In particular, ISB uses the following standards issued by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO):

The ISB also provides an auditing of financial and investment management practices.

ISB also provides a new product, namely asset manager and trustee certifications.

The ISB focuses in particular on the countries of the European Union where it cooperates with members of the IQNet Association.


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